Single Basin Hand Pump Sink Model: PSE-2008


Water Filtration

Filters the water going to the pump

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Counter Top Color * 

Gray is Standard – Upgrade to black or white


Single Basin Hand Pump Sink: PSE-2008

If you are traveling with young children, then the PSE-2008 Portable Hand Pump Sink may be perfect for you. Standing at a convenient 25 inches, operating through a unique and simple hand pump, and holding its own fresh and waste water tanks, the PSE-2008 child height sink eliminates the need for electricity or plumbing and provides children with a simple way to keep clean.

Moreover, the model comes standard with a deep basin sink, allowing you to wash utensils as easily as you wash hands. At a light 70 pounds, the Hand Sink Pump model delivers mobile plumbing in its truest form!


Designed for hand and utensil washing
Contains one 5 gallon tank for fresh water, and one 5 gallon tank for waste water
Provides cold water only
Includes 4 swivel casters with safety locking brakes
Doors located in the back as a child safety measure
Available in 6 colors: Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue, or Maple (delivery time varies based on color availability)
One Year Warranty


Weight: 70 pounds
Cabinet: W: 18”, L: 27”, H: 30.25”
Basin: W: 11.5”, L: 9.25”, D: 4”

Dimensions subject to change

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