Medical Cabinet with Portable Sink – Model Number PSM-002


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Motion Sensor

Electric Foot Switch

makes it easier to open and close the faucet by your foot for a hand free operation

Water Filtration

Filters the water going to the pump


Medical Cabinet with Portable Sink – Model Number PSM-002

Are you expanding your business or opening a new location? Do you need a storage cabinet AND a portable sink to meet health department requirements? The solution to your problem can be found in our newly designed office cabinet with portable, self-contained sink. This portable medical sink offers storage areas as well as a handwashing sink.

This fully mobile medical cabinet with sink is constructed in the United States utilizing lightweight aluminum and FDA-approved plastics, ensuring that it can endure the toughest of work environments. Built with your choice of colored panels, the spacious storage cabinets offer plenty of storage space.

This functional piece of furniture provides both cold and hot running water anywhere, any time – no plumbing needed! All you need is a regular electric outlet to plug into and you’re ready to go!

This cabinet can also be customized to meet your unique specifications. Call us to order your medical sink cabinet today at 1-800-513-8562.

Aluminum frame with colored panels
Available in 6 different colors
Light weight
Storage area
Portable sink provides hot and cold water.
The sink includes an electric water pump and an adjustable water heater
Includes 5 gallon tank for fresh water and 7 gallons tank for wastewater

Cabinet Dimensions: 24” X 42″ X 34″ high
Storage Area: 19″ x 15″

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