MONSAM Enterprises proudly offers the widest variety of portable sink units and hand washing stations available on the market today. Whether you choose wood, stainless steel, or one of our vibrant colors, our portable hand wash stations can be used anywhere you need to have access to fresh running water. We offer portable kitchen sinks, shampoo sinks, portable eye and face washing stations, science lab sinks, toddler sinks, food and coffee cart sinks, camping sinks and so much more! We also proudly offer a full line of NSF Certified units that meet the highest standards set by NSF International for food and water related goods and services. Browse our product families below, or use the category listing to the right to find the exact sink you need.

Still can’t find what you need? Visit our custom design page OR give us a call at 1-800-513-8562 to let us know what type of portable hand washing station you are dreaming of. We are always happy to work with you so that we can customize your mobile sink to meet your exact specifications.

How a Portable Sink Works

Portable Sink Units

Simply fill the Fresh Water Tank with clean water and plug in the electric cord. When you turn the faucet handle the pump forces Hot or Cold water through the faucet. Unused water in the sink drains into the Waste Water Tank.



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