Portable Sinks in General

Is MONSAM Enterprises the manufacturer, of the portable sinks?

Yes, MONSAM Enterprises is the leading manufacturer of portable sinks, with more than forty models available. We ship anywhere in the world. That means exceptional quality and innovation for you and your customer.

Where can I find more information on distributor opportunities?

Please call our Marketing and Sales Department at 925 757 3924.

How can I contact MONSAM Enterprises?
How many uses does each sink provide?

Each 5-gallon tank provides an average of 80 hand-washing uses before it needs to be refilled. The number of hand washings increases if the unit includes an optional foot switch or motion sensor.

How do I empty and refill the water tanks?

You simply take them out of the sink cabinet and either refill them or empty the waste tank then replace them inside the cabinet. We have a folding hand cart that you can purchase to assist you in this process. We also offer a flex tube which connects the fresh tank with any standard faucet to make it easier to refill the fresh tank.


Product Information

Will you consider custom orders?

Absolutely. While we’ve tried to meet as many needs as possible, we still manufacture special orders on a regular basis. Please contact customer service to discuss your unique needs.

Do MONSAM Enterprises’ portable sinks come with any additional options?

Yes. We have a growing list of accessories and add-ons such as foot-switches, drain boards, garden hose connectors, soap dispensers and water filters. Please review our accessories list for more details.

How deep are the sink compartments?

The depth varies by model. Please review the Website pages to review basin depth.

How many Amps does it take to operate the water heater and pump?

It takes approximately .7 Amps for the water pump and between 15-20 Amps for the water heater, depending on the specific model.

Do any of the models work without 110 volt electricity?

Yes. Our PSF-101 model is a cold-water-only portable sink that works with a foot pump. We also have the PSE-2006B which is a 12 volt DC battery operated sink that provides cold water only, and model PSE-2008 which is a hand pump operated sink.


Purchase, Billing & Shipping

How do I Order?

You can order by phone, fax, mail or through our website

  • Call 1 800-513-8562
  • Fax your order to (925) 757 3681
  • Place an order using our online order form
  • Mail your order to the following address:

MONSAM Enterprises, Inc.
2685 Pittsburg/Antioch Hwy
Antioch, CA 94509

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We only accept purchase orders from public or government agencies.

What about sales tax?

Sales tax only applies to orders within the State of California.

Is financing available?

Yes, through a third party. Please contact customer service for details.

What are the available methods of payment?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PAYPAL through our online secure server. Orders can also be paid by check or money order and all payments must be in U.S. dollars. Orders will not be shipped until full payment or a government purchase order is received.

  • ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE: We design and build more Portable Sinks than any other manufacturer.
  • PRODUCT INTEGRITY: We use the best materials available and employ skilled craftsmen.
  • PRODUCT QUALITY: We utilize a 30 point Quality Checklist for every Sink we build. Each sink is inspected twice!
  • LARGEST SELECTION: We offer more than 40 different models. With all the available options, you can choose from more than 15,000 unique combinations.
  • OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our staff is standing by to serve you.
  • NSF CERTIFICATION: Choose from any of our 7 NSF certified models.
  • CUSTOM DESIGNS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: We’ll work with you to produce a Portable Sink that will meet the requirements of the most challenging environment.
  • LARGEST COLOR SELECTION: You can choose from 5 Colors as well as a wood grain finish.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We back up our products with a 12 month limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • TOLL FREE NUMBER FOR TECHNICAL SERVICE: Have a Service question? Simply call our Toll Free Number 800-513-8562 and a Service Tech will answer your question while you are on the line.