Portable Science Lab Workstation - PSE-2040


This Portable Science Lab Workstation is designed to enable 5 students and a teacher to conduct live science experiments in a classroom setting. It includes a large sink; Hot & Cold running water; a gas fixture and a Chemical and Heat Resistant Counter Top. The best part is that you don’t need water lines or drains. It is completely self-contained.

Simply fill the Fresh Water Tank and slide it into the cabinet. Plug the cabinet into any standard power outlet and the electric water pump and heater provide the running water.

This sink also features a fold-down table that allows you to roll the Science Lab Workstation through a standard single door. The Science Lab is compact enough to fit several units in one classroom and mobile enough for two instructors to share it as a demonstration unit by rolling it back and forth between classrooms.


  • Room for 5 students at the table with the instructor facing the students
  • Contains one 5 gallon Fresh Water Tank and one 7 gallon Waste Water Tank
  • Equipped with a preset water heater
  • 1/2” Marine Application Counter Top is Chemical and Heat Resistant
  • Counter Top folds down to save space and fit through a door
  • Large work surface: 63” x 44” x 34” High
  • Comes with one Gas Fixture (can use small gas tank connected by your locally licensed plumber)
  • Four Heavy Duty 4” swivel casters with locking brakes
  • Unit is built with an aluminum bar frame and heavy duty solid plastic panels
  • Panels come in 6 color choices: Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue or Maple
  • Weight: 250 lbs.
  • One year warranty

Cabinet Dimensions:
  • Width: 16.25"
  • Length: 43.25"
  • Height: 33"
Basin Measurements:
  • Width: 14\"
  • Length: 10\"
  • Depth: 10\"
Available Options:
  • Electric Foot Switch
  • Water Filtration
  • Flex Tube
  • Spare Water Tanks