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Camping Portable Sinks

At Monsam Inc, we believe that everyone has the right to hygiene. Which is why our vast range of Portable Sinks are designed to give you water 24/7, no matter your location – at a campground, school picnic, church or outdoor festival.

All our sinks are more than good, they are the best we can offer. So why do we rank them Good, Better, Best? Our rankings are not indicative of quality, only of what we feel serves your purpose best.

Need cold water but don’t have electricity? The PSF-101 model is a GOOD choice for you. It works with a unique foot pump action and can double as a water fountain. A hygienic solution at a cost effective price.

Young children in particular enjoy the PSE-2008 model. At a perfect height of 25”, its hand pump operates by moving a lever back and forth. You won’t find a BETTER solution that combines hand-washing with fun!

Don’t let the lack of electricity stop you from upgrading to a battery-operated pump. The PSE-2006B model is the BEST solution for running water and comes with a long-lasting battery and its own charger. The 25” tall cabinet includes an aluminum bar frame, solid plastic panels and a 4” deep stainless steel bowl.